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A Monte Carlo generator for the production of
Higgs bosons Attached to Weak bosons

Ansgar Denner Universität Würzburg, Germany  
Stefan Dittmaier     Universität Freiburg, Germany  
Stefan Kallweit Universita di Milano, Italy  
Jean-Nicolas Lang University of Zurich, Switzerland  
Alexander Mück RWTH Aachen University, Germany  

HAWK is a Monte Carlo integrator for the Higgs-production channels
pp → H + 2jets (VBF) and
pp → HW/HZ → Hll' (VH)

It includes:

  • NLO QCD and electroweak corrections
  • all weak-boson fusion and quark-antiquark annihilation diagrams in the VBF channel
  • all interferences at LO and NLO
  • contributions from incoming photons
  • leading heavy-Higgs-boson effects at two-loop order for VBF
  • contributions of b-quark pdfs at LO
  • an interface to LHAPDF
  • decay of the Higgs boson into a pair of gauge singlets
  • options for using an off-shell Higgs propagator
  • pp and p pbar collisions
  • anomalous HVV couplings
  • an interface to Recola/Recola2 allowing for neutral Higgs production in the Two-Higgs-doublet Model and the Higgs-singlet extension of the Standard Model

What is not included / planned upgrades:

  • Higgs-boson decays into specific final states
  • production of unweighted events
  • interface to parton showers
  • contributions from gg initial states

You can download the source code of HAWK and its documentation here.

The release history of HAWK can be found here.

If you use HAWK for a publication, please cite all the references listed here.

We thank Mariano Ciccolini for performing an independent calculation to verify the correctness of the HAWK 1.0 code.